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Vehicle Tracking Software – Get ultimate control of your vehicles, assets on your mobile!

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Conjoinix launched it's first Vehicle Tracking Software - Real Time Tracking, easy access from anywhere in the world!

Vehicle Tracking System is an electronic device which can be used to track asset or multiple assets from mobile or any other electronic device. A vehicle tracking software merges the use of automatic asset destination in individual vehicles with software which collects the asset data. Normally, VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) use GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM/GPRS technologies for locating the assets. With the use of VTS, vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map on registered mobile or from an internet server.

It's also called web based tracking because of tracking vehicle over internet. Web based tracking allow users to securely log in and track their assets in real-time. The Tracking device connects with the system software in the user's registered mobile or computer and allow users to track and locate their vehicle anytime, anywhere. Anyone can protect their vehicle from thefts because with the use of asset tracker, it's the most effective way to protect their vehicle from theft. It contains anti theft alarming feature. It can also remotely control the fleet such as run alarms (anti theft alarming) and locking devices. It also works for speed governor means the user can limit the top speed of their asset.

The tracking device provides working support using GSM/GPRS network as well as a GPS satellite positioning system. Everyone can be personnel, Corporate, Commercial, Logistics, Military, or Government, track their own vehicles with real time reporting, fuel monitoring service, anti theft alarm, geofencing, and many more features provided by XSSecure. Today, there are many companies providing VTS Devices & services. In India, XSSecure by Conjoinix is one of the most popular VTS Service providing a huge number of features & benefits to its Clients.
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    1. Thanks for the beautiful compliment over our blog. Can you suggest me more about Vehicle Tracking System?

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